Direct Sales Online Coach

Create a Sponsoring Storm in Your Business With Leads That Come to You Online


Hi, I’m Jackie Ulmer and I am so glad you are here. I am guessing you are looking for some help with your business.

Perhaps you have exhausted your warm market; tired of working “leads lists” and you just know there is a better way to locate high quality prospects who are interested in your business!

You know people are going online, looking for a business. And, you know people are sponsoring high quality team members through the Internet.

You know Social Media is creating millionaires….

You just aren’t sure how to make that happen for you.

Well, you need a coach,  you need some training; and you need a clear cut strategy of what you must do; and what you will want to do, to get “Found Online” and build a rock solid Network Marketing Business!


3 million people a day go online looking for a business


Are you there to be found? I am – you don’t want me taking your prospects! But, every month, I take someone’s…..


Are you ready to learn how to "get found" and attract leads online?


I've launched -


Direct Sales Online Coach


My backstage pass to learn everything there is about building a successful Network Marketing business, online and offline!


When you go "back stage", you'll have access to


  •  Social Media Marketing Overview - How Does it Work, REALLY? 
  • Getting Launched Online - Your Simple Blog and "Hub of the Universe" Set Up
  • How the Internet "Sorts" Your Prospects
  • Laying Out Your Online Marketing Strategy
  • Your "Profit Plan" - How Will You Monetize (Make Money!)
  • Developing Your Brand and a Consistent Marketing Message 
  • Defining and FINDING Your Target Market, and Your Niche Within
  • Building a List, and Profitting From That List (That's where BIG Money is!)
  • Creating Content That Attracts YOUR Hungry Audience (How to "Get Found!)
  • Marketing Funnels 
  • Facebook Marketing - A-Z - Setting Up Your Power Profile, Marketing Through Your Timeline Without Losing Your Friends, Your Facebook Business Page, How to Personally Contact Through Facebook and more
  • Twitter - Most People Don't "Get" Twitter - What You Need to Know to Make It Work For You
  • LinkedIn - 
  • YouTube - Video Marketing is HOT - Cash In With Hidden Tricks Most Don't Know
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Google Plus
  • Audio and Podcasting (My #1 lead source right now!)
  • Creating New "Warm Market" Online
  • Build a Local Team With Social Media - Prospects in Your Own Backyard
  • Expert's Corner - Interviews With Top Producers
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Action Plans
  • The "Watercooler" - An Online Forum For Questions, Answers, Support and Cheerleading!
  • Weekly and Monthly Updates and Additions, Keeping YOU in the Know of New Trends and Changes!
  • AND, as a special bonus starting your second month - DONE FOR YOU CONTENT - you'll get 5 pieces of content to add to your blog including 2 blog posts, 2 social media image quotes and a conversation starter to post on Social Media to get engagement
  •  Live Coaching Calls And MORE!!!

The content will be delivered to you on an ongoing basis, designed to  provide maximum "learning value" to you. The goal is to take you down a proven path, and not throw you into a freeway "cloverleaf" with way too many directions and options to choose from and no logical sense of how to put it together.


I'll be taking you through the exact process I used back in 1999 to launch a successful business that has sustained throughout all of the myriad of changes online!

Only, better, because I KNOW the mistakes I made and I'll be sharing those so you can avoid the pitfalls!

It's still the same principles I operate with today, and they flat out WORK.


No bright shiny object syndrome!


As a bonus, I have created an entire training section on Network Marketing Mastery, too, which includes -

  • Getting started 
  • First 30 Days
  • Understanding the Timeline of Success
  • How to Contact
  • How to Follow Up
  • Objections - this is HUGE
  • Launching a new team partner
  • The First Week With a New Team Partner
  • Setting up your success calendar
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Action Plans
  • Opening Contact scripts with handouts
  • Advanced Success Language
  • Building Depth
  • Leadership
  • The 2-5 Year Plan
  • Go Pro
  • Building to Events
  • Mindset Mastery
  • And, MORE!


Ready to Launch Your Online Business? Grab your Backstage Pass and let's get busy! There is no time like now to launch your Online Business Center!


Social Media Mastery Monthly Membership

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